Roskilde University

As a part of my PhD project’s curriculum I have been visiting the Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies (CBIT) at the Roskilde University. I have joined the PLIS research group (Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems) led by Henning Christiansen, PhD, professor of Computer Science. The PLIS research group has 16 members: two professors, five associate professors, one assistant professor and four PhD students. It has been both educational and pleasurable experience to participate in their everyday research, exchange ideas, and discuss current trends in information technology. The PLIS group investigates foundations, tools and languages for the development of adaptable, reliable, human-oriented computer systems. The group's research covers theoretical foundations, languages, tools and semantic models together with application areas. Knowledge-based systems and intelligent interaction with systems are one of their key areas of expertise. Their profile is fully aligned with the topic of my PhD research project: “Automatic data understanding in human-computer intelligent communication”.

As you can see in the photo, the Roskilde University is located in a peaceful area just outside of Roskilde what contributes to a comfortable and friendly research environment. 

Agnieszka Jastrzębska

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