Imperial College

I am pursuing research in the field of model checking, which can be broadly defined as a logic-based approach to systems safety and analysis. My work is supervised by Professor Wojciech Penczek from the Institute of Computer Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences.

My stay abroad took place at the Imperial College, London, where I had an exceptional chance to work under the guidance of Professor Alessio Lomuscio, one of the leading experts in multi-agent systems verification, and together with his PhD student, Andrew V. Jones. During my stay I was a member of the Verification of Autonomous Systems at Imperial College, a group of researchers initiated by Andrew and brought together by the common interest in the advance and application of formal methods. It's a very friendly and inspiring environment.I felt quite welcome at Imperial College and believe that the cooperation is going to be fruitful for all the participants in the near and more extended future.


Michał Knapik

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