University of New South Wales - Canberra

My foreign internship took place at the School of Engineering and Information Technology, University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Canberra, Australia. UNSW is primarily based in Sydney and the Canberra campus offers only research and postgraduate level positions. However, lecturers often work in a nearby Australian Defense Force Academy which shares the facilities with UNSW Canberra.

I had a pleasure to work with two representatives of the local research staff - dr Kathryn Elizabeth Merrick and prof. Hussein Abbass. 

During my stay, in addition to developing my regular General Game Playing (GGP) system, I took a side-step to conduct an experiment which involved human-machine cooperation in GGP. The aim was to create a framework for such a cooperation and verify whether it leads to a mutual advantage. During the experiment, we managed to gather several participants who were mainly postgraduate students of UNSW. The ethics approval number granted from the university was A14-09. Due to the need for more data, the experiment is planned to be continued in Poland.

I have had a great opportunity to exchange immensely inspiring ideas during weekly meetings of the VESL lab group. I am sure that these invaluable discussions positively contributed to my research and shaped my view on the future plans.


Canberra is often called a “bush capital”. Compared to other major Australian cities, it is very green, slow-paced (with a laid-back lifestyle), without a significant skyline and… quite different. Canberra, despite being only the 9th most populated city of the country, is the biggest one not in direct proximity of an ocean. Fortunately, it is relatively close to Melbourne and Sydney. The UNSW campus, as the whole city, is hidden in a peaceful surroundings of forests. 


Maciej Świechowski

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