Ghent University

I spent my internship with the Database, Document and Content Management (DDCM) research group of my supervisor prof. Guy De Tre at the Ghent University. DDCM is a part of the Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University. Their aim is to contribute to the improvement of the functionality and facilities of information management systems. The research group is committed to provide the community with high quality and state-of-the-art expertise on the efficient handling and management of the huge amount of information it has to deal with. DDCM deals with research problems such as detection of similarities in data, data integration and interoperability which are also investigated in my dissertation. Thus, DDCM was excellent place for my almost 2 years-long internship. Moreover, thanks to "good people" (prof. Kacprzyk, prof. Zadrożny, prof. De Tre, …) I was able to follow the Joint-PhD program which gives me a chance to get a joint degree of the Systems Research Institute PAS and Ghent University.


Last but not least, DDCM is a group of great and above all exceptional people. They are not only brilliant scientists but also board games players of a special chess for 3-6 players. The internship was one of the best experiences and adventures in my life. It was an opportunity for me to be a part of the team, taste Belgian culture and cuisine, especially waffles, mussels, Belgian beer and of course "frietjes".

 Marcin Szymczak

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