University of Luxembourg

My internship took place at the University of Luxembourg. During that time, my research was supervised by Professor Wojciech Jamroga who is a reknown expert on modal logics for reasoning about agents, verification of multi-agent systems (MAS), and game-theoretic analysis of MAS. He was associated at that time with the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit within the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication and SnT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust).

Above all, I had the pleasure of continuously reviewing my progress with Professor Jamroga. Many of these discussions resulted in a direct advancement of my research goals. I have also received precious guidance on how to compile my results into scientific publications. 

The internship was also invaluable to me due to several other activities, most of them (if not all) suggested by Professor Jamroga.

I was assisting a master student, whose master thesis topic was strictly in my research interests area. During our cooperation, I made several observations that eventually led to the advancement of my own research goals.

I paid a short visit to Clausthal University of Technology where I gave a presentation on my research and I investigated innovative ways to model multi-agent systems.

I attended the Verification and Testing of Multi-Agent Systems scientific conference.

I had an opportunity to participate at many scientific events at the University of Luxembourg. During the seminars/invited talks many researchers from all over the world presented their results. I gave a talk on my research and the feedback I received was really very valuable. I had also a chance to attend a PhD defence and a MSc defence what was a very interesting experience.


Jerzy Pilecki

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