New types of protoforms of linguistic data summaries under bipolar-type user intensions

Sławomir Zadrożny (Systems Research Institute) Slawomir.Zadrozny >at>

Description: The purpose of this work is to combine a few ideas. First, a general approach to the linguistic summarization of large data sets by using linguistic data summaries using Zadeh’s protoforms as proposed in Kacprzyk and Zadrożny (Kacprzyk and Zadrożny, 2005). Second, taking advantage of Kacprzyk and Zadrożny (Kacprzyk and Zadrożny, 2010) works in which an operational equivalence was shown between the derivation of linguistic summaries and database querying against a flexible query with linguistic quantifiers. Third, the recent proposals of Zadrożny and Kacprzyk (Zadrożny and Kacprzyk, 2006),(Zadrożny and Kacprzyk, 2009) on how to use fuzzy logic and possibility theory to represent and implement so called bipolar queries that make it possible to express mandatory and optional query conditions. In the project new types of protoforms of linguistic data summaries will be sought, in particular along the lines of bipolar queries, and general equivalence between the queries with linguistic quantifiers and linguistic summaries.

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