Domain specific and process specific knowledge in group decision support system

Janusz Kacprzyk (Systems Research Institute) Janusz.Kacprzyk >at>

Description: The purpose of the work is to develop and implement tools that will make it possible to build and then effectively and efficiently use ontologies in a group decision support system which is meant for supporting collective decision making and consensus reaching processes in a group of individuals, with a moderator or without. Various ontologies to be considered will concern knowledge about the very essence of the consensus reaching process in general, and the group of individuals involved, if possible. Moreover, ontologies will concern a particular (class of) problems for which the group decision making or consensus reaching session is run. While constructing the ontologies various kind of data and information will be used, both numeric, textual and even multimedia. The ontologies derived will then be used to extend the group decision making and consensus reaching models, proposed. The research will be conceptually based on Kacprzyk and Zadrożny (2010).

 Kacprzyk J., Zadrożny S. Soft computing and Web intelligence for supporting consensus reaching. Soft Computing, 14(8):833-846, 2010.