Weronika Radziszewska, Ph.D.

In the framework of the project, a model of an electric energy management system has been developed. A campus with several buildings, equipped with local energy generators; for example a biogas turbine generator with a biomass reactor, wind turbine, fotovoltaic cells, and a small water energy station, is considered. The developed and implemented model comprises a long-term energy supply and demand planning component, a short-term energy balancing component, reliability indices to maintain continuity of power supply, and an electric energy market simulation component. The main contribution of Ms. Radziszewska is the development and implementation of the short-term energy balancing component. It is meant to control the devices in the campus in order to reduce the discrepancy between the energy supply and consumption in a way optimal from the point of of view of the premises owner. Such an optimality may be meant, e.g., as a compromise between the cost of the exploitation of the devices and their impact on the natural environment. The essence of the balancing algorithm consists in drawing up contracts concerning the power consumed or produced by a node of the system (network). 

The developed model takes the form of a multiagent system - a powerful paradigm of intelligent computing - where each important part of the system is represented by an agent. Two main types of the agents may be distinguished: a physical one which represents a device and an administrative one which supports the communication in the system. An essential part of the work consisted in the development of the negotiation algorithms between the agents; models of the devices comprising the system and an algorithm to balance the energy production and consumption.

Testing of the system required development of many other components such as, e.g., a simulator of weather conditions and a simulator of energy consumption. This way a complete simulation system that alows testing the proposed energy management method in various stochasticaly dependent conditions has been elaborated.

The obtained results has been presented in many publications (cf., here).

Ms. Radziszewska obtained the Best Paper Award at the 7th International Conference on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems 2014 for one of her papers. 

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