Dominika Gołuńska

The project is concerned with a consensus reaching process in a (small) group of (human) autonomous agents (decision makers, experts, ...) who present their testimonies as fuzzy (graded) preference relation defined on a set of options. These preferences usually significantly differ in the beginning. The consensus reaching process boils down to step-by-step changes of the testimonies of the particular agents until they become close enough, that is, until the group arrives at a state of sufficient agreement expressed through a degree of consensus. The process is run by a dedicated “super-agent”, called the moderator, who tries to identify those pairs of agents and options which imply an insufficient degree of consensus, and then tries to persuade selected agents to accordingly change their preferences to attain a higher degree of consensus. The moderator employs some types of additional information, notably expressed as linguistic data summaries, to select the agents and courses of action with respect to suggested changes.

As opposed to traditional approaches which are efficiency oriented, that is, result in the above process in the choice of those agents and options for which the changes of preferences result in the highest increase of the degree of consensus, in this work a novel approach is proposed, along the line of the broadly perceived fairness and equity oriented analyses and optimization. Basically, in addition to the above mentioned most efficient agents and options, all other agents and options are treated fairly, that is, are also included in the consensus reaching process. This implies the use of two criteria, and as a solution tool the TOPSIS method is employed. Examples of real consensus reaching processes are considered, mostly related to the selection of proper representatives of a students’ representation body. Moreover, the case of a more general preference representation via linguistic values is considered.

 The results of the works comprise many publications in a journal, proceedings of prestigious conferences and chapters in edited volumes. The list of publications may be find here.

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